Resource Box Winners Drive Massive Numbers of Click Through Traffic

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Over the past week, I've noticed a lot of boring resource boxes that do not compel me to click and some actually diverted my attention to some other topic. That's not what you want to do.

The purpose of a resource box is to drive more traffic to your website and compel them to click on your informative article links. You'll want them to stick around and read but sub-titles can keep them reading.

How do you create a traffic driving resource box?

Entice them, comfort them, and tell them what to do. Those three little keys will bring your traffic home.

First you bring them in with a warm inviting introduction to the solution coming. It's easy, just ask them a question that gives them that warm fuzzy feeling.

Second you make them feel good. Give them some comfort food for thought, a cozy warm place to sit and a blanket to keep them warm.

Third you tell them to put their feet up and read your blog, sign in for a FREE subscription, or buy your product. They like being told what to do. Seriously, who wants to make a decision?

How do you get them to the resource box?

An interesting informative article that offers a solution for the problems your readers are having will bring your readers through the article to the point at which you can entice them further. People online are looking for entertainment, solutions and friendship. There's really a lot of pain in the world. People need to escape. Show your reader that you can give them what they want and solve their problems. Be a friend to your reader. Write in comfortable "tea time cozies" that your readers will understand, without getting out their dictionary. People want to know what you're saying and feel good reading it.

Do you have a topic in mind?

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Resource Box Winners Drive Massive Numbers of Click Through Traffic

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This article was published on 2010/04/03