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Creating a great resource box is your key to getting all the traffic and sales that you want. So many other writers offer article writing tips to tell you about your title or your content which is important but, without a great resource box you have nothing. So lets take a look at how to create a good resource box that gets the clicks.

First of all you need to forget about your ego. No one really cares about you and your accomplishments. I know the truth hurts sometimes. All the reader really cares about is "Whats In It For Me". They need a reason to click that link so give them one.

You want to focus your resource box on your readers and what they want. This is a surefire way to get a high clickthough rate which is why you wrote the article in the first place, right? Maybe you can offer them a free gift such as an ebook or a free newsletter that will answer questions and solve problems that they have. It doesn't really matter what you offer just give them something that they will need or want. It could be as simple as more information.

You must make a call to action. Unless you ask them to click your link they usually will not. Most people like to be told what to do so tell them to click your link. You will be surprised how this article writing tip will change your traffic flow.

Your resource box must make the reader a little curious so they will want to click to see what you are offering. People by nature are a bit curious they don't want to miss out on anything. So build some curiosity into your resource box.

Remember less is more. What I mean is don't write an essay for your resource box. You should try and make it around 3 sentences. Pack those 3 sentences with a punch. Make it interesting and more people will click your link getting you more traffic and with that traffic comes more sales. So make it short and sweet.

Article writing tips will come and go but, if you want to make money writing articles work on your resource box. Look at other author's resource box and see if you want to click or not. Once you find a good one try to model your resource box after that. Experiment and don't be afraid to try something different. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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Article Writing Tips - How to Create a Great Resource Box

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This article was published on 2010/10/05